From the organisers that brought you the Hajj Ride… now, starting from the most holiest of sanctuaries (The Kabah in Makkah) Al-Imaan Cycle Club presents to you The ‘Aqsa Ride’!

In 2019 after Ramadan we will be looking to embark on another journey of epic proportions. Starting in Makkah it is a journey that will be taking in the ‘Three Harams’ and travelling through some of Islams historic sites such as Badr and Khayber, this one month challenge will be a physical and spiritual journey never to forget.

We hope to do this in order to raise awareness and funds for the Palestinian people in both occupied Palestine and the Gaza strip.


Anyone who passes the selection process will be able to come, it will be tough.

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Any charity that will be willing to work in Unity for the Palestinian people are welcome to set up a team.

A 100% Donations Policy will need to be maintained and all projects benefit the Palestinian people.

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Support Team

We will need brothers who will be dedicated to assisting the riders in terms of mechanics, catering and physical maintenance.

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We will be requiring sponsors to help us cover our administration costs. There will be many benefits to this and will be discussed individually.

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Tour Agents

The logistical challenges are great and we need even greater tour agents to make these things happen, will it be your organisation that acts as the vessel?

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On our Hajj Ride we successfully showcased in media in almost every country in the World. We have had 100’s of thousands of direct views and millions of indirect views on multiple platforms. There is no reason this should be any smaller and in fact, with traction raised from the previous efforts we hope to push this out on even more platforms and positively engage more people than ever before. Will you be one of our media partners?

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General Support

For all other enquiries and support, any requests or assistance that has not been mentioned above, please feel free to email through our contact page by clicking here.